Oh hey! Just check out the kind of world we are living in now! A world in which former KKK Grand Lampshade or whatever David Duke feels like now is a really good time for him to bring his message -- which he says is the same as Donald Trump's message -- to the people. A good time for him to run for office, and possibly be elected.

Today, he announced his intention, officially, to run as a Republican for Louisiana Senate seat currently occupied by Steve Scalise.

He says after a "great outpouring of overwhelming support" following his earlier announcement that he was considering running for Senate, he is proud to announce that he actually is. Who were these people offering David Duke overwhelming support? Probably no one! Or six guys with twenty Twitter accounts. But he's following Donald Trump playbook, and is just going to SAY there is and hope people go along with him.

"I believe in equal rights for all, and respect for all Americans," he says, with a straight face.

However, what makes me different is I also demand respect for the rights and the heritage of European Americans. [...]

Thousands of special interest groups stand up for African Americans, Mexican Americans, Jewish Americans, etc. etc. The fact is that European Americans need at least one man in the United States Senate — one man in the Congress — who will defend their rights and heritage[.]

This is, of course, not surprising. After all, the United States Congress currently only 80% white, making it one of the most diverse Congresses in history! How can anyone be expected to stand up for the interests of white people in congress when there are so few of them there? How could they possibly vote down all those bills out there that look to destroy their beautiful European heritage? Like, what if someone tried to make it illegal to make cutesy ukulele covers of gangsta rap songs? WHO WOULD BE THERE TO STOP THEM?

He then goes on to explain how his views are literally the exact same views that Donald Trump has, which, again, they are. He loves Trump, by the way, thinks he's the best.

Interestingly, Duke actually meets the criteria set forth by many Trump supporters as "not racist." Apparently, you cannot be racist if you don't say, specifically, that you think one race is superior to another race. In those precise words, as we learn from Reddit:

From r/The_Donald, naturally.

Duke is quite careful, actually, to never say these things directly. Which means that by Trumpkin standards, he is totally not even a racist and it would be super mean to call him that. Quite frankly, his views are not at all out of step with the current alt-right movement, certain places on Reddit, or the comment section of Breitbart. They are gleefully echoed in the tweets of every asshole on earth who keeps insisting that it is NOT FAIR there's no White History Month. Nothing he has to say is even sort of shocking anymore.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) has said that they will not support Duke's candidacy no matter what -- although honestly, it's hard to imagine why they wouldn't. His views, as he says, are the exact same as the standard bearer of their party. Perhaps they should give him a shot!

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