David Frum Has Concerns About Minorities

Peggy Noonan 4 Dummies! - WonketteOne problem for Republicans these days is that they're totally hated by voters under 30. A new study says that "Young people react with hostility to the Republicans on almost every measure and Republicans and younger voters disagree on almost every major issue of the day."

But fired Bush speechwriter David Frum does see a small ray of light in the survey numbers: By a tiny 2%, white youth lean Republican! Think about it.

So if there only weren't so many brown people, the Republicans might be playing a bit better with the kids!

In the past, Republicans could win elections despite their unpopularity among ethnic minorities. But with the huge surge of immigration since 1980 - and especially since 2000 - the voting map of the United States has been redrawn in ways inherently deeply unfavorable to the GOP ....

No, the legacy that will damage his party is the legacy of immigration non-enforcement. This has imported a large new community of people who are both economically struggling (and thus open to Democratic arguments) but who lack deep attachment to the American nation (and who are thus immune to the most potent of Republican appeals). It is these voters who will sway elections in future. And thanks to this president's immigration policies, there are going to be a lot more of them than there might otherwise have been.

See? Minorities hate the Republicans because minorities a) are poor and b) hate America. But being poor hasn't stopped working-class Republicans from, in the past, actually believing that the GOP could possibly give a shit about Jesus, Flags, some kind of decent jobs for working-class people, etc. So if you could somehow get U.S. Mexicans to stop hating America -- a country that, bizarrely, they have moved to and become a citizen of, if they're voting -- then maybe we would have a 52%-48% party split with the youth vote! Order could be restored!

Kids These Days [National Review Online]


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