David Kirkpatrick Hangs to the Right

Everyone's straining to describe exactly how weird it is that the New York Times has put former media reporter David Kirkpatrick on a new "conservative beat"-- but none more so than the New York Observer itself, who first reported on the story today. Their initial attempt calls it "strange, if not off-putting—a little like Judge Reinholt peering through the bathroom window at Phoebe Cates in Fast Times at Ridgemont High." A second assesses the first fruits of this labor. "[E]arly attempts have felt stilted, forced: a little like trying to write the story of Brooklyn’s feelings about their would-be basketball team and arena by talking to people walking down Flatbush Avenue".

And we thought we knew politics! But if we understand this right, the conservatives are a basketball team made up of naked teenage girls. No wonder they control all the branches of government!

We'd like to add that David Kirkpatrick is one very lucky man.

Off the Record [NY Observer]


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