David Vitter Calling Something 'Ass-Backwards' Causes National Insanity


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/n6eqVnI3MrE&hl=en&fs=1 expand=1]

The fact that David "Diaperfuck" Vitter is leading the Senate charge against the auto bailout makes Wonkette want to give as much money as possible to the automakers. Anyway, ha, this clip is a basket of Wonders. Like a frightening tool, Vitter is shown around :40, on the Senate floor, first saying that the bailout deal is "putting the cart before the horse." Then he hesitates, looks down in fear, and resolves to go for it: "Isn't that... [weird facial expression] to use a common phrase... just ass-backwards?" David that is just foul!

The cut then switches to MSNBC: At 2:17, the MSNBC reporter says the "phrase" and tries to justify using it on air for 10 seconds; at 3:42, the MSNBC mean anchor lady CHASTISES the reporter for using the "phrase;" at 6:05, Norah O'Donnell appears, hopped up on lots of Xanax, and makes fun of the mean anchor lady. She giggles for 15 seconds. At 6:31 a terrifying, unrelated thing begins. Be warned.



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