Well, here's what we've all been waiting for: A dumb YouTube video of Diaperman David Vitter in a diaper, with banjo music. It makes us laugh. Why? Because the pride is back, America! Here's another version, with even weirder narration. And Vitter hasn't resigned yet, although he will once Larry Flynt delivers the next stack of hooker testimony -- including a lot more from Wendy Cortez, Vitter's well-known and long-term prostitute gal in New Orleans.

Meanwhile, Vitter's power-mad wife is making more friends in New Orleans, telling the newspaper that she's a serious goal-oriented woman while all the rest of the N'awlins girls are dumb drunks. What a couple of scumsacks.

David Vitter: Louisiana's Own Diapered Pervert Senator [You Tube]


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