Diaperman David Vittersaid at a town-hall event for his re-election campaign Sunday that he supports birthers challenging the authenticity of President Obama's birth certificate in court. Vitter said he couldn't do anything about this problem personally, but going to court "is the valid and most possibly effective grounds to do it." Where are the photos of baby Obama in a diaper in the United States? David Vitter needs to see them.

But still, isn't Obama's illegal alien status old news by now? How is Vitter just now getting around to pandering to the crazies about this?

Vitter said at Sunday's event that the only direct information he has about the issue is what he's learned through the news media "filter."

Ohhhhh. This was the first birther he had ever talked to about it. Certainly. Certainly no birther has ever run up to Vitter and thrown a Mason jar of birth certificate PROOF at him. It's just a coincidence that he agrees with the crazies now and is also desperately running for re-election. [AP]


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