David Vitter Throws Totally Non-Hypocritical Temper Tantrum About Lack Of Federal Money Coming To New Orleans


We here at Wonket love… no, we luurrrvvveee hypocrisy. It feeds us, sustains us, amuses us, and gives us a reason for getting up every morning… that and whiskey. And there is no better source of hypocrisy than Sen. David Vitter (R-LA), who has once again taken a break from putting his ‘family values’ wenis into not-his-wife hookers in order to throw a fiscally responsible temper tantrum about how not enough federal pork is making its way to Louisiana. PerThe Hill:

Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) on Monday said he would block confirmation of President Obama's nominee for undersecretary of the Energy Department.

Vitter said he would hold up Elizabeth Robinson's nomination because of NASA's "stalling" of a project in New Orleans that he said would bring 300 to 600 jobs to his home state.

Now Vitter has a history of being a total dick to Obama nominees, and has decided to really focus on developing those credentials once again. Ms. Robinson is currently the chief financial officer at NASA, and so Vitter is using this opportunity to enter into good-faith negotiations hold her hostage until he gets a payoff of sweet sweet federal grift for his state.

David Vitter has a right to complain, though. Louisiana pays its fair share of federal taxes, and should receive its fair share of government pork, right? Except that the Bayou state not only gets back all the money it gives to the federal government, it makes a tidy profit every year. According to Mother Jones, Louisiana receives between $1.01 and $1.50 from the federal government for every dollar it pays in taxes. Didn’t Mittens Van Romneyworth have a word for folks like that… rhymes with makers, but is more like one who takes rather than makes… oh, well, we’re sure it will come to us.

So there you have it – example number eleventy zamillion of the GOP demanding drastic cuts to federal spending one day and then demanding more federal money in their own back yard the next. The GOP is totally willing to slash $40 billion in food stamps, and cost the government some $24 billion from a government shutdown, but once the federal pipeline of monies stops flowing to their back yards, they fling poo like rabid chimpanzees. Stay hypocritical classy, GOP.

[The Hill / Mother Jones]


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