Day of Resistance Fever: Catch It!

Apparently this is the Day of Resistance, when everybody's supposed to be taking it to the streets and just hard-core resisting shit. We've only been outside briefly, to get coffee, and things were looking pretty slack as far as the whole resistance thing.

True, there have been other Days of Resistance and this one isn't getting a whole lot of notice -- not even on commie blogs! -- so maybe the dude who was supposed to send the TXT reminder just forgot, or left his phone somewhere. Luckily, when you are straight up resisting, you don't need to wait for The Man's Main Stream Media to say "okay you can resist, but keep it clean." We'll tell you where the grass and the roots are mixing it up, after the jump.

Oh, and it's to resist "War, corporate greed, and the fascist system that is best symbolized in the policies of the Bush administration." All right, we're down! Let's resist shit up, nationwide!

Here's where you can find the action today, starting with a groovy old time at the White House. Or behind it, with the bums:

* Washington, DC 12 noon

Gather at Lafayette Park across the street from the White House

Lafayette Park across the street from the White House

-12 noon, begin gathering in Lafayette Square, music and poetry

- 2:30 p.m., testimony begins, indicting the Bush Regime for its crimes against humanity, loud and clear;

- 5 p.m., all the people take part in a mass public declaration: the White House is a "Crime Scene" with police tape. Loud and clear, one demand: Bring This to a Halt! Drive Out the Bush Regime! The World Can't Wait!

* Palm Springs, CA 12 noon

Palm Springs at Tahquitz and Palm Canyon (at the Library across from Starbucks)

Locally we can be part of change, by NOT sending Mary Bono back to Congress. She has ignore us, time and time again, on various issues that truly matter. Most specifically, when we've called for her to work to end the quagmire in Iraq or speak out against the use of Torture, we don't even get the decency of a response.

* Hartford, CT 3:30 p.m.

Hartford Capital Building

Classic protest. Signs, megaphones, chants, etc.

* Gainesville, FL noon

Downtown Plaza

I'll be there with sign and IMPEACH BUSH shirt and hat. I'd love to see someone else there. If no one else shows, I'll move to University and 13th Street. Hope to see you there!

* Brunswick, GA 5:30 p.m.

Big Lots on Altama

THE WORLD CAN'T WAIT: Drive Out the Bush Regime A local youth group is planning a short action for this Thursday and are inviting others to join them. Gather at the Big Lots parking lot on Altama by 5:30 PM. Bring signs. This is an all-issue action; the young people are concerned about the wrong direction in which our country is going, on all issues, such as environmentally, civil liberties,foreign policy, militarism, etc.

* Inver Grove Heights, MN 12 noon-7PM

Cahill Avenue and 70th Street

I will be at 70th and Cahill at 12 noon today, and start marching up and down the street shortly thereafter. I will march to Upper 55th, and then turn around and march the other way down to 80th, and then back and forth. I will go from noon-7PM to coincide with the Minneapolis event. Whoever wants to come should bring signs, guitars, harmonicas, bongos, whatever else.

* Off the Coast of San Diego, CA 11AM AT the GANGPLANK

On the Carnival Ship Paradise, Fun Day At Sea

My husband and I are going to be on this cruise and want to meet up with anyone else who will be on the cruise. We will bring signs and wear ALL BLACK. We will try to find a location where we can watch the movie - The Ground Truth. We can walk around the deck of the ship wearing black, carrying signs.

Jesus Christ, Bush is going to be president forever ....

October 5 - Day of Mass Resistance [The World Can't Wait]


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