Day of the Locusts


  • It is very rude of the elected president and his party's big majorities in the House and Senate to consider a vote on the Health Care reform bills promised by the president and already passed by the House and the Senate. [New York Times]
  • Today's terrifying earthquake was in ... Taiwan! [BBC News]
  • Sarah Palin and some of her kids and a bunch of nannies and hangers-on raided some Oscar-award charity swag suite in West Hollywood. "They were like locusts," a terrified vendor said. [HuffPo/E Online]
  • House Democrats are wondering if it's a good idea to replace 79-year-old Charlie Rangel and his sketchy money dealings with 78-year-old Pete Stark, who has missed 250 votes since 2009 because of a mysterious illness. [Washington Post]
  • A Republican state senator was arrested for DUI after leaving a gay nightclub in Sacramento, but his male companion was not detained. [CBS 13]

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