Day One Without Tony On Day 98


  • Our dear friend Tony Hayward is sailing off to Siberia on his shiny yacht now powered by a golden kiss-in-the mail worth a cool £600,000 a year with cases of caviar and bottles of bubbly (that's $928,500 for those of you who speak American). What will Tony do with all his Ron Paul Gold? Perhaps buy another Ron Paul blimp to survey the oil spill. [Atlantic]
  • Thousands of cute and cuddly baby Jack Kemp ridley turtles have been released off the coast of Padre Island, Texas. As far as we know they have not been killed by the giant oil monster ... yet. [New Orleans Times-Picayune]
  • Really, really, really unlucky couple lived in Prince William Sound during the Exxon Valdez spill and are now living in Gulf Shores, Alabama, during the Deepwater Horizon disaster/spill/worst thing ever. [Mobile Press Register]
  • The oily sex position known as static kill is slated to start next Monday and the reverse cowgirl bottom kill is scheduled to start on August 7. The process involves pumping heavy mud into a tiny hole at the bottom of a dark abyss. If it doesn't work there will be 'spolsions everywhere. [Houston Chronicle]
  • Even though the recent oil calamity has made everybody get all excited about wind turbines, solar power and biofuels, the renewables market just may not be there yet, according to the oil industry newsletter Reason. [Reason]

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