nice watch! - WonketteThere are more hearings with Petraeus and Crocker today?? Didn't we solve the war in Iraq yesterday?? It's 9/11! We wanted to observe like a day-long moment of silence but apparently we're supposed to be paying attention to this congress stuff. Anyway -- Biden is being a dick, like usual. But not really that blowhardy! Chris Dodd was at Walter Reed talking to a kid who lost an eye... apparently yesterday was for Petraeus to give his report, by him, that he wrote, about how things are improving, slowly, and today is for Democrats with big hair to shout abuse at him. Then the war will go on forever and ever and ever until President Socks Clinton announces that Iraq is stable and we can retreat to our huge permanent military base there. To watch for today:

* Four Presidential Candidates, up to two of whom might have a chance at the nomination! Dodd and Biden don't have that chance but they're much more entertaining grandstanders. And maybe there will be insects crawling across one or both of their heads!

* Jim Webb -- will he shoot Crocker? Probably!

* Shouty ladies in pink, most of whom will be escorted out, one of whom might be our next President!

Mostly though, it will be boring, like it was yesterday. Unless a Mexican Fireworks Truck crashes into the Capitol or something.

Biden Questions Surge Strategy in Day Two of Hearings [WP]


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