D.C.-Adjacent Supervillain Lair For Sale By U.S. Government

'Unfortunately I overestimated you, you are just a stupid police man... 'Attention soon-to-be-unemployed power-mad politicians: As we've learned from history, many fallen leaders turn to evil -- often after a disfiguring accident or a sinister experiment that results in some kind of superpower. But evil intent and superhuman strength are not enough to wage war against the society that shunned you.

You need a freakin' supervillain lair.

Luckily, the GSA's Office of Property Disposal has the perfect opportunity with a starting bid of just $30,000. It's the Bloody Point Lighthouse just off the southern tip of Kent Island in the Chesapeake and a mere 20 miles east of Capitol Hill. Explore this exclusive property's unique features, after the jump.

* Incredible name and history. Bloody Point was so named because "English colonists slaughtered a band of Native Americans under the guise of friendship."

* Built in 1882 thanks to a pork bill approved by Congress a year earlier, the historic and sinister structure is primarily made of low-maintenance iron and surrounded by 760 tons of vintage late 19th Century stabilizing stone.

* Terror struck in 1960 when a fire broke out, a 500-gallon gas tank exploded and the two young Coast Guard men stationed at the lighthouse barely got away with their lives.

* Everything but the iron hull was destroyed by the blaze, including "interior floors, brink masonry lining, and all exterior structure."

* Other than the ghosts, the lighthouse shell is filled with nesting ospreys that will probably startle easily and make lots of creepy bird noises.

* What with the collapse of the new-home-construction industry, you could probably get a contractor to do a lair makeover for $100,000. (Lair plans are available in either Dr. No Moderne or Ornate English Castle.)

Eastern Shore Lighthouse for Sale [WTOP]

Bloody Point Bar Lighthouse [GSA Office of Property Disposal]


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