DC Blog Party to Feature Awkward Small Talk, No Free Booze

No Wonkettes Allowed! - WonketteWe were pointedly not invited to the Washington Post's DC Blogger Summit, where a Froomkin-brokered peace accord will finally end the bitter, bloody Media Wars. But you guys are welcome to crash. After all, you read blogs, or this one at least, and you read the Post, or at least humorous one-line summaries of Post articles, so your input will surely be appreciated.

The party's at 6 in the Post auditorium (1150 15th Street NW). The WaPo will kindly provide a lawyer (no joke) to "advise" bloggers on internet law. Or to sue your ass for for stealing pictures and articles from the paper and sticking them on your no-account blog.

Afterparty at Post Pub, just to ensure that no actual Post employees go to it.

Washington Post Hearts DC Blogs [DCist]


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