Can A Restaurant Exist If Not For Obama? Plus Reasons To Maybe Feed Your Children

  • Thursday, June 17:If you've been watching the World Cup, you've probably become viciously anti-American. You may also like Latinos and have contemplated which salad, cupcake or modern furniture store to loot should the U.S. tie/win on Friday. But before you lose all sense of good will, head to Town Tavern on Thursday night for a fundraiser for United for D.C. It's the charitable arm of D.C. United, and it raises money so that underprivileged kids in the U.S. can play soccer just like poor kids in other countries. [Town Tavern].
  • Sunday, June 20 through Saturday, June 27: If you have children and actively enjoy their company, or if feeding them is simply on your list of things to do, next week is Kids' Restaurant Week -- when you can pay to watch your children throw gourmet macaroni and cheese all over themselves at some of the nicest restaurants in DC all in the name of "family bonding." [Kids' Restaurant Week]
  • Saturday, June 19: The restaurant Firefly offers $1 mimosas during their Sunday brunch, and will now offer $3 Bloody Mary’s during their Saturday brunch, as no man should eat overpriced eggs on the weekend less he can wash them down with an inexpensive alcoholic beverage. [Firefly]
  • K Street Strip: Last week the New York Times managed to write an article praising restaurants in DC, including the incredible sandwich shop Taylor Gourmet and the new Asian fusion restaurant Kushi, without mentioning Obama and without using the words "black,” “up and coming” “race riot” or “hope” -- a feat we did not think possible! [New York Times]
  • New Food: Georgetown is now home to a burger joint that has a rock-inspired theme (just what DC was missing); the ubiquitous salad place Sweetgreen has opened a new location on Capitol Hill; and Pete's New Haven Style APizza is now available in both Columbia and Friendship Heights. [Thunder Burger, Sweetgreen, Pete's New Haven Style APizza]

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