DC Emancipation Day: Not Even Trying

A Wonkette Operative who loves freedom actually went to the big DC Voting Rights Rally today:

Since you guys are always talking about how DC can't handle any kind of precipitation, I thought I'd let you know that I just tried to go to the voting rights rally and it had totally dispersed. I couldn't get off work in time to make it for the march, but the website said there would be a rally at 4pm followed by a reception with Joe Lieberman and America's sexiest non-voting delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton. At 3:45, the whole thing had totally ended. I asked a guy on the street and he said the speeches had only been a couple minutes. Basically I wasted 1/2 hour and $2.70 on the metro and I'm still not part of a representative democracy.
Ha ha, that will teach him to go to a rally when INCLEMENT WEATHER strikes! (It is overcast, and "unseasonably chilly.")

Earlier: Happy Emancipation Day!


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