Here's a tale you can tell your grandkids when they ask you what it was like to live in D.C. during the Chinese occupation: You can tell them that a restaurant made famous thanks to the eating habits of afat man on the teevee -- Hot N Juicy Crawfish -- decided to open up its second location right here in our little liberal oasis! See, the teevee is good for something! Doesn’t the crawfish look so tasty?

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: The restaurant does not serve PBR. It’s not in an up-and-coming neighborhood. There are no lobster rolls on the menu, and the fish were probably harmed when they were killed. The cups are styrofoam, the tables are covered in plastic and we do not know if they recycle. (They probably don't.) Your dinner will be served in a plastic bag, you will get messy eating it, your meal will be affordable, and there are NO pig products on the menu.

Inside the plastic bag is a pound of crawfish, as well as corn, potatoes, and 1/2 dozen sausages all covered in a spicy Louisiana sauce. Sweet and Sour Moses, they mean spicy when they say it. The other seasoning options include garlic butter, lemon pepper and juicy Cajun, and the other crustacean eating options include shrimp, snow crab legs, raw oysters and king crab, all of which are pay-by-the-pound.

eating shellfish is hard

It would be nice if the shellfish came with some sort of how to guide, for the Jews.


If you’re from Louisiana, you will find fault with this restaurant for one unnecessary "it tastes better where I come from" reason or another. We're sure it does! But for the rest of us, it’s a creative, fun way to get your daily intake of seasoning and water-insect parts.

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