Every winter the news reports come rolling in that some nice old lady in Maine is starving to death under a bundle of cats because she can't pay her heating bill. Usually you will start seeing these stories in January or so. But in this great beginning of our New Depression, the bad news is rolling in extra early, and from more southerly climes.

With heating costs expected to rise 23 percent this winter, D.C. authorities had to turn away 1,000 people from a Utility Discount Day where local residents could sign up for assistance with their utility bills. The deadline for applying has been extended, though, due to UNPRECEDENTED DEMAND.

Twenty-three percent, good God, it is too bad cat food is so expensive, because that was going to be our fallback winter menu item. Oh well at least President McCain will give us all tax cuts, and get the government off our backs!

Record numbers seek heating aid [Washington Times]


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