DC Hipsters: True or False?

How do we know that DCHipster.com is some kind of sick joke? Because there are no hipsters in D.C. Someone out there just thinks you can throw "-ster" on the end of anything and it'll start generating buzz. News flash: The young people here are nerdsters who need lifesters.

This is borne out by the site itself, which includes (in its "Articles and Rants" section) an piece entitled "Decorating on a Hipster Budget." Sample tips?

· Use paint. Paint can turn a tacky mismatched set of chairs or dressers found at a thrift store, yard sale or flea market into a colorful stylish set.

· Slip cover old couches to give them a new life.

Calm down, you're scaring me with your crazy hipster ranting!

Decorating on a Hipster Budget [DCHipster.com via Don't be a Hero ]


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