DC Journo Says Air America Radio "Corrosive

In other words, it's sort of like Michael Jackson, minus the hit songs and group sleeping arrangements. (I think.) Writing in The Atlantic, Joshua Green says Air America Radio is pure audio anthrax, poisoning our souls one Franken joke at a time. Or maybe his piece is more nuanced than that. I actually only read the first two paragraphs, which is all that's available online. James Wolcott seems to have read the whole thing, though, (he's old-school that way, even with the blog) and dispenses a stern rebuke: "Whenever a Voice of Moderation addresses liberals, its sole purpose is to stomp out any real sign of life."

Me, I just like the part where Green apparently lets this quote from Talkers publisher Michael Harrison fly without any ground fire whatsoever: "Americans are ultimately skeptical of media commentators who seem to have a political agenda that supersedes their search for the truth." Key word there, of course, is seem. If you actually have a political agenda that supersides your search for the truth, then America will make you a multi-millionaire pundit many times over.

The Air America Plan [The Atlantic Monthly]

Wet Blanket Smothers Radio [James Wolcott]


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