D.C. Lobbyist Scores His First Buck

According to one J.R. Reger, D.C. lobbyist Shawn Vessell, currently playing a minor role in the ongoing Jack Abramoff saga, became a man last November when he shot his first deer. Here we let Reger pick up the narrative: "The way Mike and I hunt is very efficient. We know where they live, we know where they hide. We can drive to both places. We pulled up near the little house at the ranch and let Shawn's window face our big buck. Shawn rolled down his window....Shawn fired the gun...The deer bucked on his hind legs and then fell dead to the ground."

We love a great hunting yarn, but what makes this a great D.C. lobbyist yarn too? Why, the question of impropriety, of course. New web publication New West explains: "Vasell allegedly shot a deer from the window of a pickup truck, a clear no-no. And, a quick phone call to the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks licensing department tells us that state records (which search back to 2002) show there have been no hunting licenses issued to a Shawn Vasell in the state of Montana."

The D.C. Lobbyist and the Thanksgiving Deer [New West]

Shawn Vasell, Deer Hunter [Google cache]


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