DC Metro A Perfect Example Of Why White People Should Buy Cars


  • A reporter for hot gossip emporium Yeas & Nays was "publicly berated" for asking Sean Penn why he wished a bout of rectal cancer upon her posterior. [Washington Examiner]

  • The ACLU is suing a Mississippi high school that canceled its prom as a precautionary measure intended to discourage lesbian girls from attending its prom. The high school will inevitably argue that this is a perfectly legal thing to do, according to the Patriot Act. [Think Progress]

  • Did you know that a frightful voice recording occasionally reminds Metro passengers not to smoke, even though everybody already knows smoking on the Metro is against the rules? Did you also know that George Orwell warned of such things in his best-selling book Liberal Fascism? [Weekly Standard]

  • The Democrats are a bunch of lousy, bloodsucking zombie autObamatons (and that is why Eric Massa resigned, he prefers sucking other things.) Zing! [RedState]

  • Never-ending and probably pointless health care reform negotiations will force the Obama family to reschedule their Islamic pilgrimage-spring break in Guam. [Daily Intel]


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