DC: Now Hobo- and Joe Biden-Friendlier Than Ever!


  • The DC police are putting together a book with the 60 most notorious youth offenders so that people in-the-know will be kept abreast of these kids in the rosy-fingered dawn of their careers or something. It too has tenuous privacy implications, just like actual Facebook. [Washington Post]
  • Powerful fat cat Vice President Joe Biden went to Union Station and pledged $1.3 billion to Amtrak, his pet socialist work project, in addition to the billions of his own money he's already given them.  [DC Examiner]
  • Heads up if you were planning on doing anything in DC other than drinking on St. Patrick's Day: that option is no longer possible. [WTOP]
  • Your Mayor Fenty is making it easier for you to adjust to your new life as a local out-of-work street vagabond by extending unemployment benefits. [BizJournals via DCist]
  • Big changes afoot for the Washington Post: the paper will be switching from printing a daily business section to just a Sunday business section -- business news now goes in the A section Monday through Saturday. And they're taking away one of two crossword puzzles and making some comics online-only. [Fishbowl DC]

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