D.C. Party Scene: A Comprehensive Report

do_you_know_who_they_are_i_sure_dontMaybe they're tying to make us feel better: Yesterday saw a write-up by the WP's Roxanne Roberts and Laura Thomas of what they called "our Everest": Hitting 22 parties and fundraisers in six days. It makes Washington sound exciting, doesn't it? And check out the piece: It's filled with bold-face names! Look: Washington Ballet president Kay Kendall was at the Refugees International fundraiser! OMG: Did they really see environmentalist Russell Train? And Fred Malek! And Nini Ferguson! Matt Stasik! The list goes on. Really. It's a roll call of famous-for-D.C. -- and then some! They report that at one party, "actor Vince Vaughn, in town to shoot a movie, drop[ped] by late." He dropped by!

OK, we're depressed. Forget "Hollywood for ugly people," it's more like "the San Fernando valley for boring people."

Six Days (and 22 Parties) in May [WP]


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