DC Police Ruin 13 Year Old's Awesome Birthday Party


  • This mom just gave her daughter some vodka, so why was she arrested for giving her child the best 13th birthday party ever? Was it because later that 13 year old went to the ER with alcohol poisoning? Or was it because the jealous police were just a bunch of losers when they were in middle school? [DCist]
  • This DC police officer was arrested for embezzling $180k using some complicated speeding ticket scheme that turns out not to have worked anyway. [WTOP]
  • Maryland farmers can no longer dump chicken feces in the Chesapeake. It's only now this is being mandated. [Washington Post]
  • There are more people than ever riding the Metro and for shorter distances than ever. [DC Examiner]
  • Oh, finally, some much-needed vapid musings about orchids, and some inept drawings of some other people, who are all missing several limbs, who also muse vapidly about orchids. [Washington Independent]

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