D.C. Power Players Jeopardy: Our Intern Watches So You Don't Have To (Friday)

This just makes us sad:

Christine Todd Whitman, who claimed appearing on DCPPJ was "the high point" of her career, "no question." A sad joke, I suppose. She thought The Washington Post published "The Pentagon Papers" before the New York Times. With $21,400, she bet $8,000 on the final question, answered incorrectly, and won $50,000 for her charity.

Tim Russert could not answer "What is Roll Call?" but knew "Who is John F. Kennedy." He bet his $5,000 in the final round and lost.

Tavis Smiley claimed Tim Russert was the interviewer he most admired. He fared poorly, though there was no category designed for him, unlike "Meet the Press" and New Jersey highway exits. He climbed out of the negatives to $6,000, only to bet it all in the final round and lose.

D.C.-level excitement for the special guest, Senator McCain, who read the final question: "How many members of the Senate were there in 1958?"

Answer: 96

Until next year. . .


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