D.C. Power Players Jeopardy: Our Intern Watches So You Don't Have To (Monday)

Between "Topic A" and "Jeopardy," why should Henry go back to college at all? In today's game: Trebek confused, Noonan excited, Woodward tight-lipped and Carlson technologically hampered.

    In the first episode of "Jeopardy Power Players," Peggy Noonan monopolized the political movie category, Tucker Carlson incessantly clicked his remote until he got through--"Ha! Finally!" he exclaimed--and Alex Trebek thought Bill Press was still on "Crossfire."

    The best line was from Alex Trebek to Peggy: "Take it easy, woman."

    And there was this choice exchange:

    Trebek: "Who is deep throat?"

    Woodward: "How much will I get?"

    Trebek: "You get an inconceivable amount of money."

    Woodward: "He is an inconceivable person."

    Cue laugh track.

    Everyone answered the final question correctly--Which official presides over a President's impeachment trial in the Senate?--so the winner was determined by their wager. Final tally: Woodward, $13,000; Noonan, $18,400; Carlson, $20,800. But, unlike politics, there were no losers: $20,000 went to charities chosen by Woodward and Noonan, and $50,000 was awarded to Tucker's charity.


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