D.C. Power Players Jeopardy: Our Intern Watches So You Don't Have To (Thursday)

Hot man-on-man action in the next to last episode of Battle of the Lame-o Stars:

Categories in DCPPJ #4 included "Washington Schlepped Here" and "Potent Potables."

Al Franken dominated from the start, with a category about "SNL." He doubled his $1,200 in the Daily Double ("Who is Ross Perot?"), sang a nonsense version of the "Jeopardy" theme song, and squeezed in a lame WMD joke.

Keith Olbermann lost by $1 and spelled the final answer, Niagara Falls, "like Viagra," as Franken observed.

Gretchen Carlson, the Oxford- and Stanford-educated CBS anchor and former Miss America, ended the first round with -$1,800, after bottoming at -$2,200. She had to be given money to advance, and bet $0 on the final answer (which she answered correctly). Unlike her competitors, this was her first time playing.

There was almost an altercation between Alex and Al, when the host seemed to challenge the raging liberal's masculinity, but the real action was between Keith and Alex:

Trebeck: "Oh, no ego here."

Olbermann: "I would like to introduce you to my ego, who is standing behind me." . . .

Trebeck: "He does what I tell him to."

Olbermann: "Thank you, Mr. Trebeck."


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