D.C. Power Players Jeopardy: We Watch So Our Intern Doesn't Have To (Wednesday)

In this "all-A" edition of DCPPJ (starring Ari Fleischer, Ashleigh Banfield, and Aaron Brown), the players traded the lead around like it was responsibility for the Iraqi prisoner abuse: First Ari, then to Ashleigh, over to Aaron, back to Ashleigh, and so on.

Ari wound up running away with it in Double Jeopardy, but for awhile it was anyone's game. Everyone ran at least one category in the starting round: Aaron dominated "Cable Talkers" (unlike in real life), Ari knew his way around "Proud to be a Secretary" and Ashleigh reigned over "The United States of Advertising" (even though she's Canadian).

Least confident player: Aaron. Not only were his answers phrased like questions, his requests for categories have a Valley Girl uplift that made them sound like questions, too: "I'll take, 'You Make Me Sick'? For 800?"

Most confident player: Ari. Didn't even let not knowing an answer get in the way, boldly scribbling "Who is Elizabeth Taylor?" in response to the Final Jeopardy clue, "This couple recently announced they were breaking up after 43 years." Was he making a fat joke? Or maybe he intentionally miffed it -- Aaron Brown got it right ("Who are Ken and Barbie?") and now everyone will think he's gay.


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