DC Will Finally Get Local 'Onion' Paper ... Published by Washington Post

It's funny cuz it's true! - WonketteWe'll spare you the Main Stream Media Blog Jokes ("At least the Onion admits to being a liberal anti-American hate bible!") and just announce the happy news that Washington is finally getting its own local version of The Onion. The WaPo will print, distribute and sell ads for the humor weekly -- which also has a nice fat local listings and entertainment section in other cities such as Los Angeles and Chicago.

For those moments when the Washington Times, Express and City Paper just make you even more disgusted about your life as you sit on the Metro for an hour each grim weekday morning, you can rely on The Onion for well-edited and well-written pieces that will really bum you out. And don't miss the Post's handy remedial explanation of The Onion.

The Washington Post to Partner With The Onion [WaPo]


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