DC's Culinary Scene Now Includes 'Wonky Dogs' and Sperm-Infested Treats

  • Wednesday, July 28 through Saturday, August 14: We're very happy to report that for the first time in a long-ass time we don't feel the need to qualify the heat in DC with the term "unbearable." Hooray, it's only 95 degrees out! And 27 restaurants in the "Golden Triangle District" -- a wonderland of opium, carats and hamburgers -- are offering food and drink specials daily after 5PM from now until the middle of August. Go, find a patio, eat, drink and enjoy the bearable heat. [Golden Triangle]
  • Wednesday, July 28: Continuing the summer tradition of celebrating other countries' copies of our Fourth of July, it's time to celebrate Peru's independence from Spain. What a victory it was and what great producers of cocaine they are today. Celebrate tonight at Chi-Cha Lounge where they will be giving out FREE "Macchu Pisco" cocktails. [Chi-Cha Lounge]
  • Saturday, July 31: For every Ethiopian Cab driver in DC, all of whom have a PhD, there's an Ethiopian restaurant, all of which serve delicious food. Try a bunch on Saturday when "Thing To Do DC" leads a culinary tour of the Ethiopian restaurants around 9th and U NW from 10:30AM-1:30PM for $50. [Things To Do DC]
  • Food Trucks: Who needs to live in a sustainable city? Half the city may not have water or power, and even the most gentrified areas lack supermarkets, but DC has what really matters: customizable french fries, Wonky dogs, Canadian fare, and eight different varieties of specialty mac n' cheese, all available from food trucks. If you can't go another day without an eco-friendly pork sandwich served from a truck, the new food truck "Porc" is hosting a free tasting of their pork products Sunday from 5-8:30PM at Duffy's Irish Pub. [Washington City Paper, Porc]
  • Stadium Eats: Our culinary tour of DC takes us to Nationals Stadium, where 10 vendors recently were cited for "critical violations." About half the Senate is crossing their fingers that Larry Craig's eatery of choice, "Senators Sausages," was one of the fallen 10. [ESPN Vendor Inspection Reports]

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