DC's Rock & Roll Hotel Competely Haunted by Dead People

The horrible noises heard after hours at the newish Rock and Roll Hotel -- which is a bar with live music, not a hotel -- are not just rats or people having sex or other people being mugged outside. According to The Hill, the club is actually haunted by actual ghost demons who literally scare the crap out of employees.

At the end of one night recently, a female employee paid a visit to the ladies' room. While she was in a stall, someone else entered the restroom. Thinking it was a member of the clean-up crew, she told the intruder to return later. The person didn't listen, and closed the next stall door. The employee heard the toilet in the other stall flush. But when she checked, no one was there.
As we know from the Bible, this is because the rock club used to be a funeral home.

Waking the dead [The Hill]


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