DC's Scuzziest Bachelors

Your 111th Congress - WonketteWe knew all along that this "Inside Edition Sexiest D.C. Bachelor search" would end terribly. We didn't realize it'd begin so offensively though.

First off, we commend "Julian Anthony (Tony) Haywood, staff director and counsel for the House Government Reform Committee's Subcommittee on Information Policy, Census and National Archives." Tony, sensibly, dropped out of the program, citing "not being a complete tool." Or schedule conflicts or something. Tony's good sense, unfortunately, didn't spread to the rest of the douchebags.

An "Inside Edition" spokesman remarked of those less modest than Haywood, "These were a great group of guys who had a blast hanging out together at Saturday's photo shoot. They were great sports about taking their shirts off and had a great time playing a game of impromptu football near the Capitol. In fact, they all got along so well that they were making plans to go out together later on that night."

We're going to avoid the obvious and unfair gay-baiting jokes that lurk in that paragraph -- the idea of a bunch of hill staffer capitools frolicking shirtless and then going out to drink RBVs and take down some skanks is too sad to laugh at.

Staffer refuses to take shirt off for beefcake contest (second item) [The Hill]


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