DC's Week in Craig: No Mouth Left Behind

Not that they have too many DC readers, but you really should all know that the fantastic site Black Table is shutting down operations as of today. One of its best features is Amy Blair's Week in Craig column, where she mocks the ads on Casual Encounters and other crevices of the site that killed the daily newspaper.

Now, it's been a while since I hooked it up in the nation's capital (Cafe Rondo, holla!), but I did read Dog Days, so I know it still happens on occasion. In the Black Table spirit, we went to DC Craigslist's Casual Encounters to learn how people get down inside the Beltway. Expecting to find ads in search of SOTU sex, were delighted to discover instead a few members of the majority party ready to venture where Rick Santorum and Sam Brownback might have a few issues:

Hello, boys! We are two white, professional, educated Republicans and proud of it! She is blonde haired, blue eyes, He is brown haired, brown eyed, and we BOTH love to put things in our mouth.

What's more, she loves to watch him put things in his mouth!!! [....]

Let's be perfectly clear: if we get together with you, YOU ARE GOING TO BE SUCKING DICK TONIGHT. Do not think this is just a chance for you boys to get with a new girl; you better be ready to play with my man if you even want to watch me take my clothes off, capice?

Someone please alert the DCCC: I think we may have found ourselves a new wedge issue. (And if for some reason this hasn't yet worked out for those nice people, it will now!) -- AMBITIOUS HECKLER

Wild Republican Couple Seeks Adventurous Cutie [Craigslist; the peace sign adds a nice ironic touch!]

The Week in Craig Archive [BlackTable]


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