Dead Baby Jokes

* George Bush has a plan to combat Global Warming: increase greenhouse emissions and then maybe just buy some shades and shorts. [NYT, WP]

* Scientists figured out how to turn skin cells into stem cells which is a bummer for them since we know how much they love killing babies. [NYT]

* But no one lives killing babies more than Rudy Giuliani. [The Hill]

* Rep. Don Young, Republican of Alaska, will do anything for money. [NYT]

* Robert Gates doesn't understand why after we went to all that trouble to liberate them from Hitler if the French won't just shut the fuck up and do what we want. [NYT]

* Six months to do any real work, a year and a half to run for things. [Roll Call]

* Newt Gingrich says the odds of his running for president are "4 to 1" against, which coincidentally is the margin he'd lose by if he did. [LAT]


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