Dead Michael Jackson Is Finally Placed Underground, With All The Other Deads


  • FINALLY: Famous dead Jackson, Michael Jackson, was buried in the ground outside Los Angeles last night. [New York Times]
  • Some Obama cabinet members, like America's Vice President Joe Biden, are hesitant about sending more troops to Afghanistan, while other people are not hesitant at all about doing this. A nation waits for George Will's "tiebreaker." [New York Times]
  • California has officially created "Harvey Milk Day," which honors Harvey Milk, who starred in last year's overrated Sean Penn biopic. [Los Angeles Times]
  • The terrible wildfire that has enveloped the entirety of northern Los Angeles is the work of an arsonist! And now this arsonist is technically a murderer! [Reuters]
  • Congratulations to Ahmad Vahidi, Iran's first lady defense minister and its first lady defense minister who also worked with Hezbollah. This is a crucial step in the struggle for women's/alleged terrorists' rights. [CNN]
  • Having enriched a bunch of uranium as enriched as it will go, North Korea is THISCLOSE to making a nuclear bomb. [Washington Post]

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