Deal Hudson Eats Out

When we first heard that Bush adviser Deal Hudson was resigning over inappropriate sexual relations with an 18-year-old, we hoped that it meant we'd finally get to hear someone proudly proclaim themselves to be a "borderline pedophile American." But no. Instead, Hudson's resignation came in the form of a National Review Online column and contained such out-of-the-box post-scandal palaver as "[the scandal is] now being dug up, I believe, for political reasons." Ya think? Whatever, let's skip to the dirty part, which as recounted in the National Catholic Reporter is like the sex scandal reporting equivalent of a Victorian romance novel -- it's all the more exciting for what they can't say. For instance: "Hudson performed a sexual act on Poppas [the barely legal girl in question]. He asked her to reciprocate, which she did." Yowza. What could this sexual act possibly be? (If only this story were being reported by The Note, who might blow the lid off of the whole thing as Hudson goes down. Sorry, that last part was for insiders only.)

But our favorite part of the story has to be the coda to that wild night of reciprocated sexual acts, wherein Hudson asks Pappas not to tell anyone about their mutual pleasuring over dinner at a "McDonald's in the South Bronx." What, no Happy Meal?

The Price of Politics [NRO]

The Real Deal [National Catholic Reporter]


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