Dean Scream: Oops.

Wonkette co-conspirator JH points us to AP's story about the Dean scream, wherein we discover the cable news nets played the clip 633 times. To which we say, "That's all?" It seemed like more at the time. Even so, the heads of CNN and MSNBC say that the coverage was not excessive. Only Fox News chairman Roger Ailes allowed that it was "overplayed a bit." Of course, it's easy to be gracious when you're winning.

JH adds a postscript wondering, "I'd like to know who counted to 633, and how. Naked Hotline interns holed up in a Falls Church hotel with an abacus?"

That's very cute, JH, but most of the real media numbers-crunching around D.C. is done by two sources: the Media Research Center, the group behind behind such reports as "[t]he three evening newscasts showed 58 sound bites from politicians, activists or others making one of these three liberal attack points," and the Center for Media and Public Affairs, who produced the study mentioned in the article, showing that "[o]nly 39 percent of Dean's coverage on the network evening news was positive during the week after Iowa." It's serious work; it requires lots of VCRs and click-counters and an army of interns.

They're all usually naked, though.

CNN Says It Overplayed Dean's Iowa Scream [AP/Yahoo]

Still Liberal, Still Biased [MRC]


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