Dear Police, Minorities Are Playing Dominoes In Harlem!! Halp Me!
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Oh, hai!! Did you think we were done with the hot mess of racist bullshit cop-calling by imperious white people with too much time and not enough self awareness? Lol, it's STILL AMERICA!! Now, we are used to white people taking it upon themselves to decide what dark colored people should be allowed to do. We are even used to them calling the cops for things that are not crimes just because black and brown people make them uncomfortable. What is new about THIS rash of caucasity is that the white folks are not trying to simply guard their own white ass cracka ass territory. They are moving into OUR neighborhoods and trying to make all the rules by using their whiteness, and the fact that the police love to harass black and brown people, as a weapon to control the activities of said people.

In Harlem, yes I said Harlem, not fucking Billings, Montana, or some place where nobody really ever sees a dark person unless they're in the kitchen, some nice white control freaks have been CALLING THE POLICE for people playing dominoes. Oh the horror! What's that now? Oh, you didn't know that people playing dominoes outside in the middle of the nation's most historical and well known black and brown district was a crime? Did you think that maybe it was possibly okay for the minorities to relax with neighbors and play a game? Well, you must not be an authoritarian, self important, overbearing control freak who has to decide what those loud, scary dark people are allowed to do.

"Ramon Hernandez has been sitting in a fold-up chair on his Harlem block every summer for decades. One recent evening, the 105-year-old had an evening dominoes game going with a couple of his neighbors as music played out of a nearby parked car. It's a tradition in the historically Latino neighborhood that has been largely undisturbed for decades.

That is until "the cops started coming about two years ago," said Edward Tineo, 42, one of the guys who plays dominoes with Hernandez."

This man is 105 fucking years muthafucking old and has been doing the same exact thing for decades. LEAVE HIM THE HELL ALONE! What exactly has changed in that Latino section of Harlem that results in police showing up because of a report on the 3-1-1 hotline?

White people happened.

In the past few years, some white people have decided that white flight was stupid and the best thing to do is move into areas that minorities had been relegated to for decades, and make it hard as fuck for those dark folks to live there.

"Between 2015 and 2017, the 311 hotline and app received about 3,000 quality-of-life complaints for Hernandez's block — a massive increase over the previous three years, when there were only approximately 130 complaints. (Not all complaints in the city's 311 database have clearly identified locations. Our full methodology and notes on the graphs are at the bottom of this piece.)

With the calls came the police. The 311 data shows the police responded to complaints on that block on 623 different days from 2015 through 2017 — more than half of the days during that three-year stretch. By comparison, police responded to these types of complaints on just 103 days between 2012 and 2014. Police responses include arriving at the scene and finding those responsible gone, taking action to fix the condition, and observing no evidence of the violation at that time."

It's almost like some white people might need to get the fuck over themselves and learn how to assimilate into the neighborhoods they move into. LEARN SPANISH AND DOMINOES AND STOP CALLING THE COPS BECAUSE YOU ARE ANNOYED!!! Minorities have enough problems without your self important asses finding new and idiotic reasons to use law enforcement as a method to control and intimidate them.

So, who was making all of the complaints? There must be a massive amount of white folks dedicatedly calling the police, right?

"311 data does not reveal any information about who filed the complaints. The long-term residents said the only clue to what was going on came from the police, who said the majority were filed by one person."

One. Fucking. Person. Somebody's white ass is busy as fuck calling 311 until their nails break because those laughing minorities are having a good time. Hi, white people. One of you is related to this asshole, so will you please tell your least favorite and most annoying relative to find a fucking hobby or a fucking friend? Because, honestly, we are getting annoyed (I AM A MASTER OF UNDERSTATEMENT) now, and it's extremely nasty of you to keep doing this shit.

For now, we have no idea which ridiculous Chad or Taylor is burning up the 3-1-1 hotline to ensure that they bring misery and fear to those annoying minorities who laugh way too loud. Regardless of the anonymity of the perpetrator, we minorities plan to continue living our lives and trying to snatch a bit of joy and comfort from our friends and neighbors. And we will not shut up or stop laughing loud, Chad. It will be you who is forced to learn to love us or fucking leave us in peace. You can always fuck off to Wyoming or something if it upsets you that much.


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