We rushed over to John McCain's MySpace page because there was apparently a hilarious error or something, but it's fixed now. What else is going on over there?

Well, it's a pretty good MySpace page if you're, say, Darth Vader. And there are lots of stupid comments, most of which must be fake because they're beyond regular "voter stupid" -- they're "fake stupid."

Join us after the jump as we mock gullible fools who may or may not be typing half-literate mash notes to a bloodthirsty lunatic.

There are many treats on this forbidding website, such as the blackened, burnt-up American flag logo and the comical "John McCain's Details," which tell us that WALNUTS! is a 70-year-old crazy person who has black babies and loves sports betting.

But what about his 2,660 friends? They are imbeciles, obviously, but are they real imbeciles?

Judge for yourself!

* Soon 2 be Pres. McCain, Thanks for the Add & Support with my Pros vs Joes matter. Please stop by my page and let me know what you think of the show!

* Thank you for the add Mr. Senator. You are the one candidate that has the experience and wisdom to lead this nation to where it needs to be. I am behind you 110%! Good luck and God Bless!!

* Thanks for the add Senator- look forward to an open dialogue in the interest of the democratic process!

* You have my vote! I am concerned about giving legal status to up to 20 million undocumented immigrant latinos though. Most have no education and are low skilled. Most will never be able to send their kids to college or fund their retirement or even purchase health insurance. Who will do this for them. We know the answer to that question.

* same here i will be able to in the 2012 though

* vote McCain in 08! ^_^ I'm not old enough to vote either though. BUT if I was, I would!!!

* we need to put in power the people that will take office and do right with the real issues and if this is the person then this is who we vote for if not then we vote for the others who will we need to bring this country back from our current state we will not be sold on lies for votes make these people earn them

* u gor my vote for 08. you the man

* wats up? reply! that would be so cool to have the FUTURE PRESIDENT of the united states of america!!!!!!

* Senator McCain, I'll never understand the strength and bravery of men like you. You are a true inspiration to us all. Thank you.

* Sen. John McCain, what a pleasure, so what are your thoughts on gun control?

* The only problem with the gentleman below's tax idea is that IQ is not a floating thing, its more a measure of volume or capability than it is a determination of how much you know. Example: you can put more files on a hard drive, but your CPU is still the same processing rate. Is it too much to ask of those who have more to give more? Having the richest 1 or 2% of the population pay just a bit more to finance programs to benefit the education of our leaders of tomorrow is more sound reasoning to put America back into the upper echelons of Intellect. A program determining the IQ of the populace sounds too Big Brother to me. Even if you re worded and stuck to a program that tested knowledge rather than IQ, some proven high IQ types are poor test takers. So how do you really measure? Mr. McCain, you are the man for this job. The man I have seen cross party lines when it was right. I hope you can bring "Republicanism" back to the republican party.

* hey thanks for the add. i enjoyed reading your viewpoints and positions on various topics. i first became aware of you from watching you on conan o'brien or leno.. about a year ago? you were great! my vote goes to you~

* The momentum is buiding!

* defintally plan on voting for you in the 08 election!! stay awesome! ~alicia!~

* You got my vote in '08 Got keep christian morals in the white house keep up the good work!!!!1

* Texas is for McCain.Impeach Democrats.

* Go Johnnie! obama sucks!

* hey buddy, we shall achive victory, U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A!

* omg!!! i am so happy that u have a myspace. i am in loveee with you. please be president,sir, because i really dont want another loser clinton to be in charge of this country. love you babes,♥

* Romney didn't accept my friend invite. I think he's jealous because I have more myspace friends than him.

Okay, we weren't going to even try to convey the VISUAL IDIOCY that goes along with these fine comments, but then we saw this picture:

wtf? - Wonkette

... which obviously goes with this comment: "Semper Fi! Semper Fi Sir, I hope you wipe out the competition! you have my vote."

John McCain [MySpace, a place for friends]


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