Man, what kind of a free speech country do we evenhave anymore when a man holding an innocuous "Death to Obama" sign outside a contentious town hall meeting, one that goes about as poorly as the other meetings that featured GUNS AND KNIVES and lots of shouting, is detained by police? No wonder everybody wants their America back! This America blows.

The holder of the sign has not been identified, except as a 51-year-old male. Apparently he was taken into police custody and questioned by the Secret Service.

It's unclear if he was holding one sign or two, but some other words he had on display included "Death to Obama, Michelle and his two stupid kids," or something like that. But ha ha, the joke's on him! Thanks to the lead-poisoned White House garden, all of the Obamas will shortly turn into insane babbling wrecks and then perish on their own.

Man with 'Death to Obama' signs detained at HCC forum [Herald-Mail]

'Death to Obama' sign holder in Md. detained [AP]


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