Debate Gun Nut Invites Joe Biden On a Hunting Trip

Remember this guy? The creepy malitia dude in the cut-offs who calls his semi-automatic "baby"? Whom Joe Biden called a lunatic? Reason tracked him down for an interview! And, you know, he just laughed off all that "crazy" business. With his crazy, creepy laugh.

Clio, Michigan's own Jared Townsend is the gentlemen whose neighbors are now even more afraid of him than they were before. He was excited to see his question on the Tee Vee, even if it didn't get a very good answer.

JT: Richardson tried to answer it, but it was a limited timeframe and he didn't get much time to answer. Joe Biden totally did not answer it. He took the fastest and easiest way to blow it off that he could find. But, you know, no skin off my back.

Reason: No skin off your back? He basically called you a lunatic.

JT: No, not really. I just laughed when he said that. He made himself look stupid and he didn't answer my question. Anybody who knows me knows different.

Reason: And when the room applauded his answer?

JT: Again, no skin off my back.

To prove that there are no hard feelings, Jared has invited Senator Biden to come hang out with him in Clio, where they can "sit down and talk about this issue."

For reasons we can't begin to fathom, Biden has not yet responded to the invite from the man in the tank top with the illegal AR-15 whom he called crazy last Monday.

Jared Townsend: The Reason Interview [Hit & Run]

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