Debate Notes: Sorry About Not Gettting a Drinking Game Up in Time

Finally, something to take the place of a drinking game: "Anytime either guy mentions god or faith and it seems disingenuous (translation, every time): Masturbate, ferociously." [Electablog]

And that was so much fun, why not do it again? has all the debates available for download. []

The Libertarian and Green party candidates debate over where you should throw vote away. [Blogcritics]

Kerry's talking points: "The world is burning, ma'am, do you fuckin' get that? The goddamned world is burning. And much as the Bush bitch would like you to believe that I'm co-responsible for the world burning, the world is burning on his watch." [Rude Pundit]

Cheney's talking points: "Mmmmmm. . . Excellent." [Erinaf]


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