Debate Notes: What We Missed Yesterday

"The 2004 presidential debates are taking shape as a multi-installment mini-series. You’ve got a three-act structure (four if you include the vice presidential encounter), recurring characters, and a narrative line driven by the ups and downs of the stars." [Cinemocracy]

Campaign Desk visits Spin Alley, makes shocking discovery: "Surrogate after surrogate repeated the same talking points, no matter what the question." [Campaign Desk]

"In addition to being a homosexual, Mary Cheney is also purportedly a lesbian or dyke, or whatever labels or epithets conservatives would like to use as they harass and/or beat up gay people in cities and towns across America." [low culture]

"WMD, troops safe, terrorists dead, Osama??? Look up!!" Bush's debate notes. [That's Uncalled For]

"I am sure many of you stayed up to watch the vice presidential debate last night. (Applause.) America saw two very different visions of our country, and two different hairdos." []


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