Debra Medina Is Sleeping Late Today

  • Jim Bunning, the bitterest old dick in the Senate, has finally decided to let unemployed people continue to collect unemployment benefits. [USA Today]
  • Charlie Rangel will not resign as the chairman of the House Ways and Means committee, even though he is a sinner who enjoyed the pleasures of a rent-controlled New York City apartment a little too much. [Washington Post ]
  • Texas Governor Rick Perry celebrated his primary win over Kay Bailey Hutchison by desecrating one of the nicest barbecue joints in the nation. [Statesman]
  • The Post Office will save money by bringing you more of less! [Reuters]
  • A consumer advocacy group is suing Anthem Blue Cross for being terrible. [Reuters]
  • Sarah Palin did a stand-up routine for Jay Leno, and the only thing preventing the NBC studio from collapsing into a vortex of Horror was the absence of Carrot Top. [USA Today]

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