Debt: Fun Local Flavors


  • The most brilliant legal mind of our time is in court for the second time trying to prove that because a dry cleaners hung a sign that said "satisfaction guaranteed," they were legally obligated to give him $54 million for a lost pair of pants. [Washington Post]
  • The collapse of AIG is affecting your beloved Metro, which owes $400 million to various banks. [WTOP]
  • Basically all employees of all government agencies have $700 billion of unpaid parking tickets that they refuse to pay. [DCist]
  • Everything you thought you knew about the correct way to rob a bank is so wrong. Here is a list of all the mistakes you would have made. [DC Examiner]
  • Room & Board, a yoga studio, and overrated recluse Dave Chappelle are all competing to open up businesses in an abandoned church. [City Paper]

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