Debt of Honor: The Jack Ryan Story

Chicago news outlets are reporting that Jack "Swing State" Ryan is dropping out of the race, leaving the field open for his hotter, less plagued by monumentally bad judgment competitor. We're pretty broken up about it, mostly because the story was full of such great material, like this plot summary for a Cinemax-After-Darkish film co-financed by Jack Ryan and starring Jeri Ryan:

Meanwhile, Gloria's cousin Lydia (Jeri Ryan) comes to visit. She is a gorgeous woman and Gloria is horrifically jealous; she even makes up stories about her being in a mental institution. Well, Lydia unwittingly kills Gloria's beloved pig and serves it in a beautifully prepared dinner, inflaming Gloria's anger to the point where she wants Billy to help her kill her cousin. But Billy takes a liking to the vicious woman and begins to question who is better for him, the abusive, relentlessly angry Gloria or the affectionate, beautiful, arrogant Lydia.
We didn't even have time to work out a joke for that. Good bye, Jack Ryan. Comedy will miss you.

Also, this is a good time to thank all of you who wrote in regarding my original post on the Ryan affair, which referred to Jeri's Star Trek character as an "alien hottie." As many of you pointed out, she was not technically an alien, but a human child who who had been kidnapped by the Borg. I stand corrected. Now go grant yourself five points for dexterity or whatever.

Jack Ryan Drops Out Of U.S. Senate Race [NBC5]

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