Decent Things People Found Under A Thick Layer Of Dirt! Tabs, Mon., Oct. 25, 2021

Decent Things People Found Under A Thick Layer Of Dirt! Tabs, Mon., Oct. 25, 2021

Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador!

John Eastman does not agree with John Eastman Memo, only a fool would do that. Or even: "Call me the white-knight hero here, talking [Trump] down from the more aggressive position," Eastman says. Oh yeeahhhhh. You will forgive the link, but there's ever so much more. — National Review

Liz torches it at ATL. (Above the Law)

How Fox News is ignoring Neil Cavuto's strong statement about the vaccine protecting him while he's got COVID. (Aaron Rupaar substack)

Cherry-picking the Bible for fun and anti-vaxx profit is a long and shallow evangelical tradition! — Penn Capital Star

Five percent inflation? WORTH IT! POOR AND MIDDLE CLASS PEOPLE GOT MONEY! TAKE THE WIN! — Claudia Sahm substack

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson still yelling about prosecuting reporter who brought the state's attention to the Social Security numbers in its website html. So that's on-brand. (Techdirt)

How and why Facebook changed its algorithm to lift up Ben Shapiro and fuck Mother Jones, among others presumably including Your Wonkette. — 2020 Mother Jones

Gonna go with "seems like!"

Is this bad?

This summer was the warmest ever known in five Western states. In Portland, Oregon, the temperature reached a record-breaking 116-degrees during June. In Nevada, Lake Powell, the second-largest reservoir in the country, dropped to its lowest level ever. The summer heat continues to kill more people in Arizona than ever before. Utah endured its driest recorded summer. In California, as I type this, the base of the world's largest tree is wrapped in foil like a goddamned baked potato, thanks to heroic efforts by firefighters, while all of us hope its grove survives the latest unprecedented conflagration.

Red Canary Collective

Let's grow crops under solar panels! Let's do it NOOOOWWW! — Wired

Are you lazy? Probably, if you are like me and currently self-recriminating about only working a little bit on a Sunday morning. But also probably not because maybe it is not really a thing! Economists Rachel Meager and Karl Muth guestpost at Noahpinion.

Is $100,000 a large advance? Yes, yes it is. Also a little bit no, publishers can suck. — Chuck Wendig

How to Avoid Ivanka (old New Yorker)

Iiiiiii ... have not read Shirley Jackson's The Witch, and now I am afeared to! I do have the by-all-accounts wonderful biography, of which I finished the introduction and then forgot to bring in from the RV. Trigger warning for AIYEEEEEEEE.

"My little sister," the man went on, "was so pretty and so nice, that I loved her more than anything else in the world. So shall I tell you what I did?"

The little boy nodded more vehemently, and the mother lifted her eyes from her book and smiled, listening.

"I bought her a rocking-horse and a doll and a million lollipops," the man said, "and then I took her and I put my hands around her neck and I pinched her and I pinched her until she was dead."

— Discussed here at The Bulwark!

Fine, fine, the headline tab, because that shit satisfying. (Chlloe)

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