Today' Note raises some interesting questions, among them:

Q: Is it really true that "the last Tuesday of every month is reserved for The Note's 'Best of . . .' feature"?

A: No.

Q: Then why go through the trouble of using such a hackneyed format?

A: Because it's easier than actually analyzing the news.

More secrets revealed after the jump.

Q: So is the WSJ's piece on Iraq really the "Best Story Teeing up Wednesday's Para-Mega Bush Speech on Iraq: The Wall Street Journal's Dreazen, Jaffe, and McKinnon, whose must-read story also prominently raises the Notion of civil war in Iraq as potentially foreshadowed by sectarian militias"?

A: No, but if they put that story at the top, readers might think that they actually care -- and know -- about foreign policy.

Q: So now you'll tell me that they don't actually believe that the WSJ editorials today are the "Best Reasons to Read America's Finest Op-ed Page," and that "Joe Lieberman's Nicolle-Wallace-couldn't-write-it-better-herself op-ed on staying the course in Iraq" could have been written better by Nicolle Wallace.

A: Maybe. Ask yourself: When was the last time The Note said something even remotely critical about Nicolle Wallace? Then ask yourself: Why is that?

Q: Hey, I ask the questions around here. And I have one more: Who the fuck is Walter, Ganzi, Jr. and why should I care that "In addition to being the CEO and co-owner The Palm Restaurants and Palm Management Corporation and the former national finance co-chairman for the 1988 George H.W. Bush for President campaign, Mr. Ganzi... has taken over as its national finance chairman" for George Pataki?

A: The Note does original reporting! The Note does original reporting! The Note does original reporting!

Best in Note [ABC]


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