Decoding the Note: Give 'Em Another Day, They Need Time to Bring the Smarm

This is what happens when you are required to sound properly cynical on very short notice:

-- More changes are coming blah blah blah.

-- Bush caved to his critics, but not enough blah blah blah.

-- The President needs a gray-beard old hand with gravitas on Capitol Hill blah blah blah.

-- Andy Card was tired blah blah blah.

-- Sherman Adams blah blah blah.

You repeat your old jokes.

Also, you're not fooling anyone, guys:

* "Bolten: long hours, Bush loyalist, Bo Derek, motorcycle, banker, bachelor, impossible job, well-liked, low-key, 'good man'" = "gay"

* "Bolten and Rove, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G, which is to say, they get along very well." = "gay"

* "Someone in the White House press office is going to have to be assigned to work full time on "Bolten: The Bachelor" profile pieces." = you get the idea

No need to be so coy about it.

The Note

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