Decoding the Note: Reality Is Perception, but Only If Mark Leibovich Perceives It

Demonstrating conclusively that they don't actually read anything not written by Dan Balz, Jim VandeHei, Adam Nagourney, Adam Liptak, or themselves, the Note today offers this tantalizing question:

A Note Notebook to the first person who can tell us why Karl Rove was at O'Hare last Friday afternoon around 6pm ET. Karl Rove and members of his staff are not eligible.

So, free "Note Notebook" to anyone who, well, reads Chicago newspapers. Or does a damn Google News search. Here's a must-read from this obscure little rag called the Sun-Times:

Bush, Rove coming here

The White House is expected to announce today that President Bush, with the lowest approval ratings of his presidency, will travel to Chicago on Monday to deliver an address to try to bolster support for the Iraqi war.
Meanwhile, Karl Rove, Bush's chief political adviser, is the keynoter at a fund-raiser tonight to benefit Lake County Republicans in north suburban Lincolnshire.

Major paper in one of the largest cities in the country? Sure. But this "Lynn Sweet" character was decidedly not at that amazing party the Saudi Ambassador threw last week.

The Note

Senate OKs Letting Poles Visit US Without Visas [Sun-Times, 2nd item]


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